Freelancing and telecommuting is on an all-time high. Thanks to the wonderful technological advances in the areas of Communication and Networking. Freelancing has become a choice among tech professionals as it does not hinder their careers and gives them a chance to work from the comfort of their homes. Many freelancers are able to save time spent while commuting to the workplace. Many employers save money by not having to pay for the office premises and supplies. In short it is a win win situation. However, freelancing does come with many pitfalls. It is not always a smooth ride and the problems can have many professional and financial repercussions. To solve these issues, Time Tracking Software can help a great deal.

Lets look at some of the downsides of Freelancing and see how effective Time tracking practises can assist us!

How Time Tracking Software Helps

Getting distracted

While freelancers are saved from the distractions of water cooler gossips and office grapevines, they are certainly prone to different versions of distractions that are equally or sometimes even more harmful. The freelancers who primarily work is the software business report being distracted by Social Media a lot. A small trip to Facebook might seem trivial but too many of them can amount to a few hours.

However, worry not freelancers! This problem could be easily resolved by using a good quality Time Tracking Software. Today, there are many Time Tracking Software out there that could track time correct to the second. This way, the employers and employees could get a better idea of how the work hours are spent. Identifying distractions is the first step of getting over the problem.

Inaccurate billing

Many freelancers bill by the hour. They fill up spreadsheets that later translate into billable invoices. However, the practice of exaggerated billing is very common in freelancing. Manual time tracking is often inaccurate and can cost employers more than what they really owe. Alternatively, inaccurate billing could also mean that the freelancers get paid less simply because they couldn’t keep track of the time they actually spent in getting a job done.

Time tracking can actually protect everyone from a loss. Accurate time tracking, which provides insights into how the time is actually spent, will lead to correct billing. And neither the employee not the employer will be in a loss.

Loss of productivity

Time Tracking Software
Many freelancers face the problem of procrastination. With no-one to boss around, freelancers are at the liberty of spending the day however they like. But this liberty can come at a cost. Many times, procrastination causes loss of productivity. Similarly, many times multitasking also causes a decline in productivity. According to a report by American Psychological Association, multitasking causes 40 percent drop in productivity.

No other solution is better than Time Tracking to resolve this issue. Time Tracking Software and the many innovative features keep a watchful eye over the progress of a freelancer and do not let him get off the track while working towards a goal.

Loss of quality of work

As more and more people from the 3rd world countries have started pouring into the Software business, finding good quality freelancers have become hard. More often than not, the work delivered by freelancers isn’t of the same quality as promised by their portfolio. This discrepancy later revealed that many freelancers outsource their work on lower pricing and essentially act as a middleman.

There are a few Time Tracking Software that provide an elegant solution to this conundrum. Some apps have the feature of real time employee monitoring. They give the employer an option of viewing the activities and progress of the remote employee in the real time. Hence, the employer can ensure the quality of work.

Low levels of Remote Monitoring

It is a natural human trait to feel relaxed about work when nobody is looking. That is why many employers still prefer that employees join them in a standard office premises everyday so that the work is done. Low levels of monitoring can prompt employees to slow down during work, procrastinate more and in general harbour more distractions.

Many Time Tracking Software equip the employers with sophisticated tools for remote monitoring. They provide access to employees so that they can keep a hawk eye not only on the progress made but also on the activity of the employees. Such features can greatly reduce the pains of freelancing.

While there are many Time Tracking Software out there, the best ones are highly automated. They work behind the scene and generate precise Time Tracking reports that are indeed flawless. Applications like these have greatly enhanced the confidence for telecommuting and remote working in the eyes of the employers as they get the power of vigilance and rely on the Software for correct management practises. Keeping this in mind, we are quite positive that more and more people will opt for freelancing in the future!