Many people around the world have welcomed the trend of Remote Work. It is exciting, it is diverse and it is a great experience. Thanks to the innovative tools that were born out of the recent technological advancements that this new trend persisted. Tools like Online Project Management Software and Time Tracker Apps have helped people connect, collaborate and work together no matter how far they are located physically.

A quick Google Search reveals a plethora of Time Tracking tools. And it is natural to get confused. I have used the following 3 applications extensively and analyzed them to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Top 3 Time Tracker Apps:

Following applications are extensively used by Freelancers and Remote Workers all around the world. They all have many great features and solve many problems for the distributed teams. I have covered these applications and mentioned the Pros and Cons for the users to decide which application sounds best for them.

Time Tracker Apps


Hubstaff is one of the most widely used Time Trackers in the market. And it truly deserves the top spot.


  • The interface of Hubstaff is very appealing. It is simple to use and the UX is pretty self-explanatory.
  • The application captures the screenshots of the employees randomly. These screenshots are very important for the Remote Employers.
  • The reports for Time Tracking are extremely detailed. You can view the Time with respect to projects, team members, and tasks. You can see the breakdown very clearly. This feature gives a lot of clarity to the employers. They can view how exactly is the time being spent.
  • Hubstaff offers a flexible payment system. It lets the employer choose individual payment plans for all the team members. The employers can choose from a vast array of payment gateways.


  • It is a mix of Time Tracking, Time Management, and Invoicing Software. For many users, a lot of these features go unused but they can be opted out of while buying the plans.
  • The customer service of Hubstaff is not its finest quality. The CSRs take a lot of time to reply and more often than not the replies are useless.
  • The activity level statistics can be misleading. For optimum activity level, the user needs to log keystrokes all the time. We know that in the real world, it is a very bad indication for calculating productivity.


Freshbooks is a cool tool for remote employers. Its features range from Time Tracking to Online Invoicing.


  • It is a simple employee Time Tracking app which requires the users to log hours manually or with the help of a timer.
  • It presents a simple and yet elaborate invoicing system. The users can bill directly after tracking the time. Since this software provides integrated time tracking and invoicing, the clients do not need to use multiple applications for Time Tracking and Invoicing.
  • Freshbooks has a major focus on Invoicing. Hence, it provides a lot of payment options for the users. This feature comes in handy especially when your remote team belongs to different regions of the world and have different banking preferences.


  • The application requires manual clearance of all the invoices that have been paid by using any method other than those integrated with the application.
  • Freshbooks gives a lot of leverage to the Employers and not so much to the employees. It gives the employers the option of declaring an invoice ‘disputed’. In some cases, this resulted in payment frauds.


StaffTimerApp is the perfect time tracker app for remote teams. It has a lot of features that have been designed keeping in mind the growing trend of remote work.


  • The application is completely automated and it uses Screenshots to calculate the time spent by the user on all the activities done during the work hours. The employer gets an estimate for the time spent on work-related and non-work related activities.
  • The application is very simple to use. It is a minimum viable product so there are no unnecessary frills. Just the features that are absolutely important!
  • The remote monitoring features like Instant Screen Capture and Real-Time Screen Sharing are vital for a remote manager.
  • The low price is a very strong point for StaffTimerApp. At $2.99/user, it provides a lot of useful features and services.


  • The application is in the development phase and the design needs some improvements.
  • The Snapshot that is acquired through instant screen capture is not saved and accessible for later use.


All these applications have some amazing features and all of them have some loopholes as well. It is really important to pick the right Time Tracking Software that is fit for your needs. The right choice can greatly enhance the productivity of your teams and generate better profits!

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